Our approach to services is to be a technology partner of the client. As technology partner, we look forward to adding value in more than one way. For this purpose, we have defined two distinct streams of service offering - Software Services and Cloud Services

We develop software because we love developing software.

Be it our producs like Sprinng or Maxteam or various software development projects we have undertaken for our customers, the focus is on creating purposeful software that is actually used by the end users.

While working with our clients on development project, we encourage customer to try to be minimalistic in requirements and ensure that some problem of the end user is quickly solved. Our experience is that this approach enables greater participation from end users and almost guarantees successful implementation.

With new web technologies, its much easier to write loosly coupled software pieces one at a time and later on integrate them into a bigger functionality. This approach is much less riskier than developing large monolithic software. It also costs much less and spreads costs over time.

We have a good team that can deliver quality software using Microsoft and Web stack.

  • Microsoft .NET
  • C#
  • ASP.NET MVC (we prefer this as its more testable), ASP.NET WebForms
  • Entity Framework
  • Javascript, JQuery
  • AngularJS, KnockoutJS

We follow Agile and TDD development methodologies with suitable changes to fit our needs and style ☺

We have been hosting our own servers in data centers for ages now. Over time, our software development customers chose to shift to our servers and eventually all that experience culminated in we creating ZENCLOUD – our own cloud platform.

For a medium or a small size company, in-house server is a huge cost and risk without realizing it. The business depends on it, there are no redundancies if the server fails and the system administrator is mostly unreliable and not really qualified.

Companies buy and run the servers to run their accounting or ERP or other software because there is no other choice. The existing cloud service providers have do-it-yourself approach which is meaningless in this context.

We understand this need to be completely supported. Hence we created zencloud with leave-it-to- us approach.

Move to zencloud

Move your applications and servers to zencloud.

We take care of everything of the server – migration, administration, upgrades, patching, security, firewalls, backups … even application management (optional).

So, when you migrate your server or applications to ZENCLOUD, you actuall don’t need anyone inhouse to manage it.